In 1991 the foundations of a new school were laid in the tranquil country town of Strathalbyn.  At that time a scripture of promise "all your children will be taught by the Lord and great will be your children's peace", (Isaiah 54:13) also formed the predominant values upon which Murraylands Christian College was built. Read More...




Managing childcare or looking after children will always entail occasions where children celebrate milestones together such as birthdays. So one of the essential things to learn in child studies is how to manage a party with healthy, safe, party food that would be suitable for 4-6 yr olds. 
The Year 11 child studies class were set the challenge to produce two dishes – one savoury & one sweet - that would be suitable for such an event.  Students had a budget limit of $10 for their two dishes and had to keep in mind the aspects of nutritional tasty dishes.  Healthy pizza pies, quiches, chicken kebabs, and caterpillar  wholemeal sandwiches comprised the savoury offerings. Marshmallow & chocolate Kebabs, tiny teddies in cars and a special double chocolate birthday cake  were offered for sweets. 
Some important skills were developed in the budgeting, planning, execution and presentation of the party food The party food was shared with the class and children in the target age group with much thanks and enjoyment. 


The musical, 'In The Beginning', was a dynamic flurry of lights, colour, fun costumes and enthusiastic voices singing a variety of songs, with 'In the Jungle' and 'Rockin' Robin' among the many favourites performed. The teachers and students of the Reception through to year 10 classes worked tirelessly on their pieces throughout the first half of the year, coming together for two performances on the 27th of June.

The local nursing home came along for the day time performance, enjoying the energy and vibrancy of the students on the stage. With over 500 people excluding performers present at the performers, 'In The Beginning' will be a musical to remember.